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Branding projects often get stuck in implementation. Platforms, vision statements and the mandatory set of core values do not stick and the efforts risks failing. The reasons can be many but most often it is about lack of understanding of internal complexity.

If you are looking for long-lasting effect the best way is to run the process internally. Our method is to team up with your organisation and drive brand-related change from the inside.  It´s all about the nitty-gritty details and hard work. The entire organisation needs to be involved since the person who meets the brand must get same experience regardless brand touchpoint.

A good idea is about ten percent and implementation and hard work, and luck is 90 percent.
— Guy Kawasaki

About Be Kind

As a member of your team, Be Kind drives brand-related and long-lasting change. Internal onboarding and staff skills enhancement are key, and we always work according to a clear plan with measurable goals and a fixed fee.

A common assignment is to drive brand transformation during mergers and acquisitions. Those projects are highly complex with many challenges and traps. Be Kind has extensive experience of running such work. 

Be Kind was founded 2004 and the name reflects the insight that the best way to build strong brands is to behave. This is even more relevant today and is still the guiding principle. Since the start, Be Kind has helped over 250 companies from all imaginable industries.

Be Kind paused 2014-2017 when Magnus Lundin was employed as Brand and Marketing Manager at Autoadapt. The mission was to launch and run the brands Autoadapt and Unwin globally in 65 countries. Autoadapt is fully owned by US based BraunAbility, which is part of Investor. A major part of the work was to cooperate closely with owners, subsidiaries and dealers which gave valuable experience in how to run brands globally in the manufacturing industry.


Magnus Lundin

Magnus has over 20 years of experience in branding and communication, both as a consultant and from marketing departments within a wide range of industries. Magnus has always worked close to the core business. In addition, Magnus is writing chronicles and giving marketing and branding lectures. Twice a year, Magnus is guest lecturer at the School of Economics, University of Gothenburg.

Magnus Lundin is a skilled marketing executive. He has demonstrated keen abilities in creative, brand management, digital marketing, and strategy/segmentation. In addition, Magnus has developed strong teams with a positive work dynamic. He embraces a global perspective and is an enterprise-wide thinker.
Magnus have great branding and communication skills and working at a global corporate level comes natural to him. When he was assigned to run our One Company – One Brand implementation, he quickly integrated in our organization. Magnus works at a fast pace and has the ability to intuitively move between high-level strategic thinking and all the everyday details.
I didn´t always have the same ideas as Magnus, but I see that as something positive. That means Magnus stands up for his standpoint, and I for mine. To have a consultant standing up for his idea is in the end of the day what you´re looking for and that is Magnus strength. You want a person that stands up for what he or she can. It´s then you can thrust the consultant.
Magnus Lundin has the ability to listen and to find what´s unique for his customer and their brand as a contrast from many marketeers I have met who are more occupied by their own ideas and by selling their services


Examples of customers


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Englund-Gruppen Flooring

European Mobility Group


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Liljewall Arkitekter


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